Ayodele Dalgety-Dean Family Therapist

Ayodele Dalgety-Dean


Family Therapist, Founder and Managing Director, Blossom Incorporated


Family Therapist, businesswoman and community volunteer, Ayodele Dalgety-Dean attended Queen’s College from 1986 – 1990 before leaving for the UK in 1990. There she was educated, completing post-graduate work in Systemic Practice with Children and Families. She worked as a Family Therapist before returning to Guyana in 2008. As a Family Therapist, Ayo managed programs for families in the UK, recruiting, training and supervising staff and developing care plans,  services and activities for service users (children and families)  living under difficult circumstances. She also managed programs working with young people leaving state care to live independently, supporting them in becoming productive members of society. Ayo has been an active volunteer in the UK and Guyana for many years. Today she a is practicing Systemic Family Therapist, past Vice President and Treasurer of the Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown Central, Chair of the Visiting Committee for Children’s Homes, member of the Adoption Board and is the Founder and Managing Director of Blossom Incorporated.