Conference for Students at Queen's College



Queen’s College of Guyana Alumni Association (NY), Inc,also known as the New York Chapter, is a registered non-profit corporation that was formed in 1991. We hold meetings on the second Sunday of each month, mainly in Brooklyn. On occasion our meetings are held in Queens or in New Jersey. All alumni are welcome. Throughout the years we have made significant financial contributions to the school. These contributions have in past decade exceeded US$95,000 and included supplies for the physics and biology labs, computer lab equipment, multimedia equipment, furniture, sports apparel and equipment, and trips for student events in Guyana, the Caribbean and the US. We generally sponsor special projects like the recently replacement of the phone system at Queen’s College;  2005 Flood Relief assistance to adversely affected faculty, staff and students;  and installation of DSL service that enabled Queen’s College  to be the first school in Guyana to provide Internet access to its students. Our current annual contributions include: –          The Vernley Ward Bursary – provides the first 2 years tuition for a top performing science student planning to enroll at University of Guyana. The Bursary is valued at up to US$2,000 per student and has been in existence since 2001.–   
Annual assistance with payment of CXC and CAPE Examination fees to indigent students.–          Annual upkeep of the high speed Internet service at Queen’s College.–          Funding the salary of a Social Worker to provide services to students. Over the past twelve months, we have had sustained engagements with Queen’s College and Guyana. We sponsored the 2014 conference that engaged over 200 students during the 170th school reunion.  The overwhelmingly positive response from students, faculty and volunteers  to the 2014 conference is the driving force behind our decision to return this October.  Our February collaboration with West Virginia State University to recruit and to provide partial scholarships to students at Queen’s College and Guyana reached 90 students, one of whom is currently enrolled at the institution.  Our partnership with e2Education delivered the This Is Ours: Guyana visual literacy initiative in March 2015 at Queen’s College and at Bina Hill Institute in Annai, North Rupununi, the results of which will be published later this year.  We also engaged in a comprehensive needs assessment of the school and are reviewing the social services needs of the Queen’s College students. Additionally, our community commitments included hosting the one-woman play “Demerara Gold” in February 2015 and a successful celebration of the 40th anniversary of co-education at Queen’s College, arguably the highlight of our year in April.   In order to finance activities that help us meet our mission, we hold two or three fundraisers each year in the New York City area to fund our giving.   We also depend on the generosity of alumni, friends and corporate sponsors.  For more information, email us at  Visit our website at  www.qcguyanaalumny.organd Facebook at